The Freelancing Program:
Build a Sustainable Freelance Career

by Jamie Brindle


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This isn’t a “get rich quick” program, this is a “get rich over the next year or so after a lot of working smart and hard” program.

The name of the game here is sustainable. I want to take the “luck” factor out of whatever freelancing success means to you.

The point of this program is that I’m here with you, with my experience and the experience of my peers who have been through this process.


When I started freelancing, $800 a month was a great month. I was willing to give up weekends for $1,000 a month. Now, my wife and I work less than most of our friends with corporate gigs, and we are usually somewhere between $30k and $50k a month.


I still work a lot, but I like working. If your goal is to work less, and you don’t need to be making $30k or $50k a month, then this program will get you there as well.

What can you access in this program

The Course

The course is just one element, it’s 9 modules that will be released once a week (see the itinerary below to get an overview of what I’ll be covering in depth).


The Community

The community is another key element of The Freelancing Program. Here you can crowdsource your business by asking myself and your fellow freelancers anything you’d like. Have a new service you’re thinking of offering? Fine tune it with us. Concerned about a new client development? Post a screen shot of the email in the community and ask how others would respond.

We'll also be hosting LIVE Webinars with Jamie and other thought leaders in this community.


Bonus Material

Additionally we have tons of bonus material like the Project Management Notion Template, Sales Call Landing Manual (a community favorite!), Email Templates, worksheets, exclusive interviews, and a bonus Legal Module!



What’s in the course

Module 1

You Need Higher Value Clients

  • Past client outreach

  • Become a strategic partner

  • Building new offers

  • Retainers

  • Economies of scale

  • High-ticket clients

Module 2

You Need More Clients

  • A niche industry

  • Design your category

  • An offer they can't refuse

  • Diverse lead generation

  • Pricing for sales

  • Sales call landing manual

  • Farming leads

Module 3

You Need to be Ready for More Work

  • Never say "No"

  • Protect your time

  • How to schedule your time

  • How to manage leads

  • What's your project process

  • How to schedule multiple projects

  • Scope of work changes

  • The Freelancing Notion Template 

  • And a New Bonus Legal Module!

Module 4

You Need to Charge More/Raise Your Rate

  • Don't Undervalue Yourself

  • Your price dictates your client base

  • Don't nickel and dime yourself

  • How to price

  • Negotiating rate

Module 5

You Need Productized Services

  • What is a Productized Service

  • Identifying and building

  • Creating a process

  • Pitching

  • Using job markets

  • AI

Module 6

You Need to Develop “Passive” Income

  • Digital Products

  • Byproducts

  • Where to sell your products

  • Domain

Module 7

You Need to Understand Ads

  • How to win with social ads

  • The buyer’s journey

  • ROAS

  • Time to test

  • Media Buyers

Module 8

You Need to Pursue Referrals

  • The 4 types of referrals

  • Client referrals

  • Complementary freelancers

Module 9

You Need to Subcontract

  • Creating the opportunity

  • Working with subcontractors

  • Subcontracting and clients

Results are based on individual experiences and results will vary. Similar success is not guaranteed. 

Benefits of joining this Freelancing Program

Benefit 01

Never wonder where the next job's coming from again

The number 1 question I’ve gotten from thousands of freelancers is “how do I get more work?” Answering that question in a practical manner was a major part of the design of this program. In the course, we spend several modules building a lead generation engine that diversifies your lead sources and (eventually) runs on its own. We also create a process that nearly guarantees repeat business.

Never wonder where the next job's coming from again
Never wonder where the next job's coming from again
Benefit 02

Become a business owner, not an employee for rent

Your job isn’t client work, your job is growing your business. This program will allow you to master the 3 categories of business ownership: marketing, sales, and fulfillment (client work plays a role in each of these, for sure, but it’s far less than most freelancers care to admit).

Benefit 03

Make more money, quickly

I designed this with the hopes that you make your investment back after the first module, and then from there make more money freelancing than you ever have. Based on the comments we’ve seen in the Wins section in the community (some of which are featured on this page), I think we’ve accomplished that mission.

Never wonder where the next job's coming from again



About Jamie

About Jamie

I’ve been freelancing for 16 years, and in that time I’ve had the privilege to work with clients ranging from local mom and pop restaurants, to Fortune 500 companies like Google, Hillshire, Netflix, and Lionsgate. I only name drop so you know the stuff I have to teach you isn’t theory, it’s been learned and tested out in the real world.

2 years ago, I began producing social media content for my fellow freelancers on TikTok and Instagram, and now between those two platforms, I’m helping nearly 400,000 freelancers everyday with practical tips. And yes, my wife and I are still out there doing proper client work every month.

I’m genuinely excited to help you get the most out of your business with this program, please let me know if you have any questions at all, you can find me on Instagram and TikTok: @TheJamieBrindle

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