The Freelancing Program:

Build a Sustainable Freelance Career

by Jamie Brindle



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Program Details Below:


This isn’t a “get rich quick” program, this is a “get rich over the next year or so after a lot of working smart and hard” program. The point of this program is that I’m here with you, with my experience and the experience of my peers who have been through this process.


When I started freelancing, $800 a month was a great month. I was willing to give up weekends for $1,000 a month. Now, my wife and I work less than most of our friends with corporate gigs, and we are usually somewhere between $30k and $50k a month.


I still work a lot, but I like working. If your goal is to work less, and you don’t need to be making $30k or $50k a month, then this program will get you there as well.


The name of the game here is sustainable. I want to take the “luck” factor out of whatever freelancing success means to you.



The Course

The course is just one element, it’s 9 modules that will be released once a week (see the itinerary below to get an overview of what I’ll be covering in depth).

The Community

The community is another key element of The Freelancing Program. Here you can crowdsource your business by asking myself and your fellow freelancers anything you’d like. Have a new service you’re thinking of offering? Fine tune it with us. Concerned about a new client development? Post a screen shot of the email in the community and ask how others would respond.

We’ll also be hosting webinars with thought leaders, and launch our weekly freelancing podcast in this community.



"I started a brand new freelancing business and joined the Freelance Program within the same week. 3 months later, I already make enough to leave my full time job and support my family as a single mom of 4 kids."

- Emelie, @firedupmktg

"For years I was doing freelance video as an artist, and not running my company as a business. I was tired and burned out. After taking the freelancer program with Jamie, I quickly became more comfortable talking about money and budgets with my clients, and also acquired a better understanding of how to better collaborate with them. The most important thing was that I was now properly valuing my work. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to level up as a Creative and grow their business."

- Charles Canaan, @Simplygoldprod

"The Freelancer Program gave a lot of real world practical advice when it comes to growing as a legitimate freelancer. It’s full of information that you can actually put into action. And the community is an added bonus. Totally recommend it!"

- Stephen B.

"I successfully negotiated a 20% increase on top of what would have been my flat rate - I couldn't believe how simple it was. I'm leaning into the Sales Scoresheet for every call I take from here on out."

"It completely changed my sales mindset. I am now double/tripling my rate for my work and taking in fewer clients. When I initially chat with clients I am interviewing them to see if they are the right fit for me, not the other way around."

"In just a few weeks this minor cost has added a projected $100k to my earnings in 2023. I now have more time to produce for clients and work on other ways of growing my business."


Hi, I’m Jamie.

I’ve been freelancing for 16 years, and in that time I’ve had the privilege to work with clients ranging from local mom and pop restaurants, to Fortune 500 companies like Google, Hillshire, Netflix, and Lionsgate. I only name drop so you know the stuff I have to teach you isn’t theory, it’s been learned and tested out in the real world.

2 years ago, I began producing social media content for my fellow freelancers on TikTok and Instagram, and now between those two platforms, I’m helping nearly 400,000 freelancers everyday with practical tips. And yes, my wife and I are still out there doing proper client work every month.

I’m genuinely excited to help you get the most out of your business with this program, please let me know if you have any questions at all, you can find me on Instagram and TikTok: @TheJamieBrindle